Hansgeorg Derks

Hansgeorg Derks, M.A. (master of arts), Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
About derks brand management: among other our clients are appliances companies and we
delivered services for V-Zug Switzerland, Irinox Italy, Samsung Korea. Furthermore we deliver
brand building services for kitchen companies like Schüller, next125, Vipp, Ballingslöv and
minotti cucine. Since 2012 we work for BORA

How to build a brand starting at zero: the tremendous success story of BORA
The speech is about the challenge to build a brand starting from the scratch: the story of BORA,
a German pioneer in developing excellent downdraft systems that put the odors downwards.
How is brand building possible with a product nobody knows and that is technically in need of
explanation? What role do unusual marketing activities play in publicity and image building to
create a demand? How do you manage to win enthusiastic BORA fans in 58 countries in just
ten years and to become a trendsetter who has turned a niche into a market?


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