Davide Bigoni

Project Manager at Samsung Electronics Italia. 43 years old, with a consolidated engineering background, he has always worked in the IT and telecommunications sector. He is responsible for developing technological solutions and coordinating B2B and B2B2C projects.
Over time he has been called to take part in numerous working groups active in the field of Digital Innovation and the IoT.

“”Changes in IoT appliances””

“The Internet of things can really transform our society, our economy and the way we live our lives. It is up to us, as an industry, to join forces, in synergy between various sectors, to keep faith with the promise of the Internet of Things. Our mission is to make 100% of our products connected by 2020.

We are working on creating an ecosystem in which all devices can easily interact with each other and can enrich and simplify the end user user experience. At the base of this connected ecosystem, there is a

unique, powerful cloud accessible from a single application and open, able to communicate and interact with any connectable device on the market, without any limit. Another important issue to be addressed is simplification, fundamental for the success of the IoT. The intelligence

artificial is certainly the best candidate to meet this challenge”.

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