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The appliances world is facing changes and challenges, from the development of smart homes to the drive towards green production and purchasing models, from the increasingly global vocation of the industry and supply chains to the advent of the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

In this context, Atelier Appliances Match It is an opportunity for people to meet, discuss ideas and business.

Workshop program

Internet of Thing

The Internet of Things is no longer a slogan, but a constantly growing market. The trend is confirmed by the penetration of both smart objects and associated services and supported by the entry of big players, together with the truly active role of many start-ups in this field. Home automation is one of the sectors with the fastest growth rates and has shown greater development potential, also thanks to the huge success of vocal assistants. These are trends that cannot be underestimated by companies that develop and make products that are already smart items, such as large electrical appliances.

New factory & Digital Manufacturing

The relentless development of digital technologies has a deep impact on the manufacturing industry too, which is now called to join the 4.0 revolution and therefore become increasingly automated, digital and smarter – i.e. able to face up to changes and meet requests from the market quickly, effectively and efficiently by using digital assets such as big data and machine learning.

Eco design & Circolar Economy

Eco design and circular economy are currently the cornerstones of the new frontier of design, but also of new industrial and business models generated by the growing relevance of the value of sustainability – intended, to start with, as reduced environmental impact connected to production and the end-of-life of the products deriving from said production – in guiding the decisions of companies and end consumers.

Competitive Edge & Globalisation

Nowadays all companies have to compete with an uncertain and extremely unsteady global economic scenario with an array of changes, starting from the one triggered by the development of digital and energy savings. This picture necessarily imposes new challenges and new priorities that companies need to put on their agenda to remain competitive in international production supply chains and in highly concentrated and globalised markets.