Paolo Tamborrini

Designer and Associate Professor in Design, he coordinates the Politecnico di Torino Design Studies Course. He is the founder and scientific director of the Innovation Design Lab (www.innovationdesignlab.it), a hub where systemic design directs innovation towards entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability. He deals with design criticism and collaborates with some newspapers of the sector.

Publisher for Electa the volume Sustainable Design, objects, systems and behaviors.


“The future of objects, including appliances”

The future of objects and appliances is closely connected to the design of sustainable spaces and behaviors. Systemic Design, a methodology for the Circular Economy, allows innovative solutions both from a typological and functional point of view, with influences also on architectural and plant design. The home appliances of the future will be able to manage complexity; from the study of this will emerge further future visions, more and more sustainable and personalized ”


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