Mario Imparato

He’s born in Milan in 1978, graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, from July 2016 he is general manager of APPLiA Italia, the Confindustria association that brings together over 100 companies operating in Italy in the sector of appliances and professional equipment for catering and hospitality . He has worked in the domestic appliance sector with roles of increasing responsibility, first in the Anie Federation and, since 2007, in Ceced Italia. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Ediel, a company that works to simplify the commercial and operational procedures that govern relations between the various players in the eldom supply chain, the Presidential Council of the Italian Gas Committee and the Board of the Italian Thermotechnical Committee.

“The circular economy by APPLiA Italia”

“We need an approach as a Circular Society to ensure effective Circular Economy”. It is an objective that companies in the household appliance sector face every day, giving life to a truly circular industry even before the concept of Circular Economy developed in the community: if given and treated correctly today it is possible to recover about 90% of the materials used in household appliances. To create a truly virtuous process, however, the commitment of all the players in the supply chain, producers, distributors, consumers, end-of-life operators and institutions is indispensable ”.

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